Xerox (NYSE: XRX) heeft diverse doelen bereikt die zij zich gesteld had in haar corporate “2020” duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen voor energie, CO2 uitstoot, watergebruik en thuiswerkdagen wereldwijd. De overige doelen zijn nog steeds haalbaar voor 2020.

Het rapport is tot stand gekomen met GRI G4 Guidelines en is in lijn met de nieuwe GRI Reporting Standards van 2016. Xerox rapporteert over corporate social responsibility voor het twaalfde opeenvolgende jaar. 


Uit het persbericht hierover:

The report provides an expansive look into Xerox approach and performance in corporate social responsibility areas covering social, economic and environmental dimensions. These include customer health and safety, ethics, environmental sustainability, employee development, diversity and supply chain management. The primary focus is on those CSR areas that are of mutual interest to Xerox and its stakeholders including customers, employees, communities, investors, suppliers and non-governmental interest groups.

“Xerox Founder Joe Wilson created an iconic and innovative company that changed the way the world communicates connects and works,” said Xerox CEO Jeff Jacobson. “He also established our ethos and a sense of responsibility that resonates within each of us today. I often challenge our people to think about how Xerox can be a positive force for good. I’m amazed every day to hear the stories of giving back, the stories of our customers’ successes thanks to the hard work of Xerox people.”

The 2017 Report on Global Citizenship is organized around major areas that capture the essence of Xerox’s citizenship efforts:

  • Corporate Governance: Explaining how Xerox manages CSR from the highest level of the CEO and cascading across the corporation to include each employee and the Board of Directors who have primary responsibility for CSR Oversight.
  • Preserving the Planet: Based on a 2012 baseline, Xerox has reduced energy consumption by 20 percent and cut emissions by 28 percent — that is 92,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) across worldwide sites. That’s equivalent to removing over 19,000 passenger vehicles from the road annually.
  • Caring for Communities: In 2016, we invested $1M in The Xerox Community Involvement Program which marries the voluntary spirit of our people with Xerox funding to improve communities where we live and work.  More than 10,000 Xerox people participated in more than 900 projects.
  • Evolving the Workplace: Ensuring a workplace that is safe, diverse and fair to all, Xerox has developed easily accessible channels for employee feedback, including the Culture Survey, conducted in 50 countries and 19 languages.
  • Putting Customers First: Our customers are partners in innovation. We use collaborative workshops to explore the future of their businesses and identify new opportunities to apply our technologies to create new products and services for digital transformation that will solve their problems and enable the agile workplace of the future.
  • Good Business Practices: Named to “100 Best Corporate Citizens” list by Corporate Responsibility Magazine for the ninth consecutive year. Xerox was named to the 2017 World’s Most Ethical Company® listing, one of only 13 honorees that have been named to the list for all 11 years. 


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