NEUSS/HANOVER - Xerox and Thomas Gabel Consulting GmbH will showcase the world’s first Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) client for Xerox DocuShare at CeBIT in Hanover today. Users will have access to Xerox’s enterprise content management solution via the touch screen interface of Xerox’s Multifunction Products (MFPs).

Xerox DocuShare is a web-based document management system for businesses of any size and from any industry. DocuShare allows companies to edit, manage and distribute documents easily. With the new EIP client all document processes can be executed using Xerox’s MFPs, helping customers increase their productivity whilst reducing costs.

Fast-paced development

Only a year ago, Xerox unveiled the first software solutions and a new developers’ programme for EIP. Allowing MFPs to be used as universal input and output devices, customers can manage even the most complex of business processes and workflows. As part of the development agreement, Xerox is providing software developers with a suite of programming tools free of charge. In just one year, the company has received nearly 1,000 applications to download the development kit. Customers can choose from 19 EIP-enabled software solutions worldwide, and EIP is now available on 21 Xerox MFPs.

An example of how EIP is used in a content management application is DocuShare EIP. This tool turns every Xerox multifunction printer into the key component of a business and content management process. To ensure secure and personal access, users log on via the touch screen user interface by entering their DocuShare access data. Similarly to DocuShare, users can only access objects if they have proper authorisation. After logging in, users can navigate through the DocuShare content management structure.

To obtain a better overview, users can search the whole system, or according to certain criteria. And files are pre-sorted via tabs according to a pre-defined method. Users can draw on all standard document management functions, such as:
  • adding a new document
  • viewing a document’s properties
  • instantly printing documents on the MFP
  • inserting new versions of a document by just scanning it
  • previewing a document in HTML format
  • setting up document-related workflows with recently scanned documents
Typical scenario: Time-off requests

In a large organisation, requesting annual leave can often be a complex, time-consuming process, requiring an unnecessary amount of red tape. Applicants may have to go through a process of obtaining request forms from the human resources department, filling them in, signing them and returning them to human resources, where they are authorised and then returned to the applicants.

DocuShare EIP makes this process a lot simpler: Documents are captured and stored in a central part of the content management system. The system allocates which employees are to receive which documents. Employees authenticate themselves on the MFP of their choice by entering their user IDs and then can access all their documents on the system.

They select the appropriate annual leave request form via DocuShare EIP. The form is printed out directly on the equipment. An employee can now complete the annual leave request form as usual and sign it personally. The document is then scanned back into the system via the MFP and automatically forwarded to the “Leave request” work process. All departments requiring this form to authorise are informed automatically. Processing the request, in other words checking, authorising and logging it in the payroll department, is carried out completely automatically according to a pre-defined sequence.

Strong demand for EIP solutions

"The enthusiastic response of developers, system integrators and end users tells us that EIP is meeting a critical need for solutions that take the complexity out of day-to-day office processes," said Bertrand Cerisier, VP and Director of Marketing, Office Group, Xerox Europe. “EIP is another way that Xerox is making work easier for customers, helping them to reduce the time and money spent handling documents.”

In Germany, Xerox DocuShare can be obtained directly from Xerox Global Services and Thomas Gabel Consulting GmbH. DocuShare EIP is available from March 2008. For further information, please visit the following website:

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Hierbij doen wij u een Engels persbericht toekomen betreffende:

Xerox en Thomas Gabel Consulting presenteren 's werelds eerste EIP klant voor Xerox DocuShare.

Op 4 maart 2008 presenteerden Xerox en Thomas Gabel Consulting GmbH hun wereldprimeur Extensible Interface Platform (EIP) voor Xerox DocuShare op CeBIT in Hannover. Gebruikers zullen toegang hebben tot de Xerox ‘enterprise content management’ oplossing via een touch screen interface voor Xerox’s Multifunction Products (MFP’s).

Xerox DocuShare is een web-based document management systeem voor ondernemingen van alle formaten en alle sectoren. DocuShare helpt ondernemingen documenten makkelijk te bewerken, beheren en te distribueren. EIP is een SOA gebaseerde interactieve werkwijze van Xerox om het werk van klanten makkelijker te maken en de productiviteit te doen stijgen, terwijl de kosten verminderen.

Om het overzichtelijk te maken kunnen gebruikers het hele systeem doorzoeken met behulp van zoekcriteria. Documenten zijn voorgesorteerd via tabs volgens een bepaalde methode. Gebruikers kunnen gebruik maken van alle standaard document management functies om documenten te bewerken, zoals;
  • Het toevoegen van een nieuw document;
  • Bekijken van documenteigenschappen;
  • Printen van documenten op de MFP;
  • Toevoegen van nieuwe versies van documenten door ze alleen maar te scannen;
  • Voorvertoning van een HTML format document;
  • Opzetten van document gerelateerde workflows met onlangs gescande documenten.
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