Breukelen - het is nu nog gemakkelijker om online webwinkels voor variabele en statische documenten en complete marketing campagnes te hosten.Naast nieuwe betalings- en verzendmogelijkheden is de hele afhandeling van order tot fullfilment vereenvoudigd.

Vooral de flexibele, open architectuur van het product, dat integratie mogelijk maakt wordt door veel klanten gewaardeerd.

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XMPie Simplifies Order Processing and Boosts Storefront Customization with uStore 2.5

CHICAGO, 27 September, 2007 – XMPie, Inc., the leading provider of software for dynamic publishing, has added several enhancements to its self-contained Web-to-Print solution uStore, making it even easier for businesses to host online “document stores” and to produce one-to-one marketing materials for their employees or customers.

uStore software is designed to simplify transactions between people who need to order and personalize certain documents such as sales brochures, and the company or department who can produce them. For example, a large insurance company that has developed a corporate brochure about its services could post the brochure on its uStore-enabled Web site and then allow individual agents to customize the brochure with their name and contact information, order the number of copies they need, and have the personalized brochure printed and shipped to them on-demand.

With uStore 2.5 the order-to-fulfillment process is streamlined even further. New plug-ins now automate how data flows from the ordering page to the payment system and to the printing/production system. uStore 2.5 also offers new shipping and payment options.

Mailmark, a marketing services provider based in Canoga Park, Calif., chose to implement XMPie uStore in response to rising customer demand for Web-to-Print services. After being selected as a finalist during an RFP process for a prospective financial services customer, Mailmark demonstrated a fully customized storefront that impressed the prospect and ultimately, helped Mailmark win the business. Mailmark is now integrating uStore with the customer’s intranet to create a sophisticated yet simple-to-use online document store that will launch in October.

“We chose XMPie uStore because of its highly flexible, open architecture,” said Reagan Reed, director of development, Mailmark. “Thanks to a speedy installation process, we were able to show our prospect the level of customization we could achieve through uStore, which gave us the competitive edge we needed during the sales process.”

New features of uStore 2.5 include:
  • Streamlined order fulfillment: Customers’ order information can now be automatically exported in XML format to external systems such as MIS, billing or production automation systems, allowing faster, error-free, order-to-fulfillment automation.
  • Revised shipping plug-in: A new plug-in architecture for shipping, demonstrated with a fully functional FedEx connection is now available. Other connectors (via additional plug-ins) will follow soon. Also, integrators and customers with IT capabilities can use the uStore software development kit (SDK) to easily develop shipping plug-ins that address their immediate and specific needs.
  • International credit card payments: uStore 2.5 supports international credit card payments via Bibit Global Payment Services. Support for additional clearing providers will be added via the plug-in architecture, and will allow both integrators and customers to create their own.
  • Enhanced storefront localization: The included SDK allows users to customize uStore 2.5 with their own software, and a new GUI (Graphical User Interface) supports even simpler translation of storefronts into multiple languages.
“The plug-in architecture that XMPie designed in uStore has allowed customers to build online storefronts that suit the specific needs of each business,” said Jacob Aizikowitz, president of XMPie. “With uStore 2.5, companies can make ordering documents online even easier for employees and clients.”

uStore 2.5 is available immediately.

About XMPie

XMPie Inc., a software business-unit of Xerox Corporation (NYSE: XRX), is the leading provider of software for cross-media, variable-data one-to-one marketing. Its solutions help businesses create and manage highly effective Cross Media campaigns, leveraging their market and customer information to achieve dramatic returns on their marketing dollars. XMPie software solutions are available in two award-winning collaborative lines: uDirect for desktop, print-only solutions, and PersonalEffect for server-based Cross Media publishing, campaign management and more. Add-on modules for specific solutions are available, including the award-winning uImage for image and graphics personalization; uStore, the Web-store platform; uEdit for Web-based document editing; and uProduce Marketing Console for analysis and management of one-to-one campaigns. XMPie is headquartered in New York with an R&D center in Israel and sales, support and professional services operations in the U.S., EMEA and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit

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